Captive Bred Clownfish

captive bred clownfish

Captive bred clownfish for days!

Have you ever been curious about where our captive bred clownfish come from? We were! So Bryan and Cory from Marine Warehouse made a trip to Vero Beach to see the Proaquatix facility. They supply our saltwater department with an unbelievable selection of captive bred clownfish. It’s not just your everyday Nemo that they breed either. There are multiple variations of Ocellaris, Percula and Maroon clownfish. In the video you can see vat after vat of these clownfish in varying sizes.

Not just clownfish…

Proaquatix doesn’t just breed clownfish they also breed dottybacks, gobies, blennies and seahorses. They even have captive bred large display fish like lookdowns and pompano. In the video you will see some decent size pompano but you will also see some super tiny lookdowns. Its amazing seeing such tiny babies of a fish that gets so big. While we don’t carry a lot of their other captive bred fish we do carry a few of their dottybacks and gobies. From time to time we even get some lookdowns although they aren’t as small as the ones in the video.


They take great biosecurity measures to make sure the fish are extremely healthy before they ever leave their facility.The entire facility is impressively clean and there is a procedure for everything. For example before a fish is moved or a net is used in a system there is a specific procedure that must be followed to ensure no cross contamination. Proaquatix even has a sterile room we weren’t allowed in. The sterile room is where they have their hatchery. Once the fish are large enough they are then moved out to the vats that we were able to tour.


Check out the video from our tour and stop by to see our amazing saltwater selection featuring Proaquatix captive bred clownfish! You can also check out our growing online saltwater selection. You can also check out Proaquatix website to see all their different species.



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