Aquatic Plants

aquatic plants

Have you ever wondered what the nursery looks like where we get our aquatic plants? Well we got the opportunity to go and see one that we have been dealing with for years. Bryan and Alicia visited with Waterscapes Aquatic Nursery,, in Plant City, Florida. They have 9 acres of property with greenhouses covering approximately 5 acres. All of which contain only aquarium and pond plants. As you will see in the video they have a variety of types of runs for the different types of plants.

How are their aquatic plants grown?

Most of their aquatic plants are actually grown emersed so a majority of the plant is actually out of the water. This makes the growth time much faster than if they were submersed so they can keep up with demand. There are some plants that require more than one run to keep up with demand. Some of their aquatic plants have such a high demand that they have them shipped in or harvested locally.

Hornwort for instance is harvested locally and brought in by the boatload. We show off their massive vat for Hornwort closer to the end of the video. This vat is actually more of a concrete pond out in the front of Waterscapes property. Anubias is one of the aquaic plants that for the most part they have shipped in. The Anubias is grown in tissue culture form and then transferred over to pots, driftwood and lava rock once it arrives at Waterscapes.

The video

A lot of work and knowledge goes into an aquatic plant nursery. From the knowledge of what sells and how it best grows. To the physical labor of weeding, pest control, and collection. We were in awe of everything they do at Waterscapes to bring us beautiful aquatic plants. We hope the video we made will give you an idea of what happens before you get to purchase your aquatic plant. After you have watched be sure to swing by or check out our online selection at .


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